CHOP Stage
Melvin Seals & JGB – 8:45pm
Yellowman – 7pm
Tommy Conwell – 5pm
Valentina Sounds – 3pm

West Ave Stage
Jade Bird – 8pm
Rugby Road – 6pm
Billy Walton Band – 4pm
Kick & The Hug – 2pm

Lancaster Ave Stage
Jamie McLean Band – 8pm
Stella Ruze – 6pm
The 29ers – 4pm
Jeffrey Gaines – 2pm

118 North Stage
Jamie McElan Band (Indoor After Party) – 10:30pm
Springbrooke – 8pm
Wallis – 6pm
Swwik – 4pm
Jared Feinman – 2pm

The Wayne Music Festival is produced in conjunction with the Music is Love Foundation, a 501c3 which hosts music events with the proceeds benefiting children’s medical causes.
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